Impartiality Statement

1.Comply with the relevant national laws and regulations, strictly follow the quality procedure, carry out the relevant work impartially, fulfill the legal obligations, undertake the legal responsibility for the work carried out.

2. Adherence to the integrity, implement strictly according to the technical standards and operating procedures, not falsified, ensure that the test report issued objective, impartial and accurate.

3. Adhere to the principle of independence for laboratory activities; resist all inappropriate intervention, not under any administrative, commercial, financial or other aspects of pressure to damage the impartiality.

4. Treat all customers equally, do not intervene in the market competition and conflicts of interest between customers, safeguard the rights of customers, comply with the confidential procedures, and protect the ownership and patent rights of customers from infringement.

5. The above commitments shall accept the supervision and guidance of customers and all aspects of the society, welcome to put forward advices and suggestions for improvement.