RT5000 EMC Auto Test System

●  Meet the EMC index test standards both in China and abroad;

●  Stable performance and accurate testing data;

●  Complete solutions of EMC measurement.

I. Introduction

RT5000 automatic test system conformed to the international and domestic standards of automatic EMC test system. It meets the EMI, RSE EMC index testing requirement of wireless terminals, telecommunications equipment and IT engineering medical equipment, which is applied for international certification testing, type approval certification testing and various types of equipment EMI EMC testing.

II. Features

Integrated high-performance instrumentation, stable performance, accurate test data;

Automatic link calibration, automatic generation of test reports;

Provide package solution for anechoic chamber construction, EMC system setting up and laboratory certification consulting.

III. Performance Indexes

IV. Testing Items

Radiation spurious emission (Traffic Mode and Idle Mode), power radiation, magnetic field radiation, space radiation, radiated susceptibility, conduction noise immunity.