RT8500 Pseudo Base Station Test System

●  Script configuration flexibility and operation simplicity;

●  Stable performance and accurate testing data;

●  Automatic generation of test reports.

I. Introduction

RT8500 is an automatic test system specific to pseudo base-station equipments to conduct detections and obtain evidences. It can measure various performance indexes, and is an important technical means for testing labs to carry out the performance testing of pseudo base-station equipments.

II. Features

Based on the development of MCTP3.0 test platform;

Operation interface simplicity and script configuration flexibility;

Integrated with high performance instrumentations;

Stable performance and accurate testing data;

An automatic test system specific to base-station equipments;

Automatic calibration and switching of links;

Automatic generation of test reports with screenshots, and testing efficiency is improved substantially;

Combine with MSD100A to form a complete set of solution.

III. Performance Index

IV. Testing Items

Transmitting frequency; Maximum transmitting power; In-band conducted spurious emission; Out-band conducted spurious emission; Stray radiation.