RT7000 In-use Station Opening Test System

●  A professional, efficient measure solution for in-use radio equipments;

●  Suitable for field testing; Water proof, dust proof and pressure proof;

●  Battery powered, small and exquisite.

I. Introduction

RT7000 is an automatic testing system that meets requirement of in-use radio equipment management. It can test various station performance indexes related to professional wireless communication, public mobile communication and transmitting equipments of broadcasting and TV. For all radio regulatory agencies, it is a professional and efficient test platform to carry out daily radio station management.

II. Features

Integrated with high performance instrumentations;

Advanced systematic design philosophy;

Stable performance and accurate testing data;

Suitable for field testing and easy to carry;

Water proof, dust proof and pressure proof;

Built-in battery lasts about four hours.

III. Performance Index

IV. Testing Items

Maximum transmitting power, modulated adjacent channel power, transient switching, adjacent channel power, antenna terminal spurious emission, port radiation emission, occupied bandwidth, carrier frequency error, intermodulation attenuation, sensitivity, sensitivity under the high level in-put, co-channel rejection, adjacent channel noise immunity, spurious response noise immunity, intermodulation noise immunity, blocking, receiver spurious emission, etc..