Portable Digital Mobile Radio Receiver 1000 (PDR1000)

I. Introduction

Portable Digital Mobile Radio Receiver 1000 (PDR1000) is exclusively used in digital mobile radio receiver monitoring, which can display the spectrum within certain frequency ranges, and complete the demodulation, decoding and protocol analysis of signals. It also has the function of Chinese/English display and downward compatibility of analog mobile radio receiver monitoring. As an ideal instrument for digital signal spectrum monitoring, demodulation, decoding and protocol analysis, PDR1000 is in accord with operating habits and monitoring processes of radio supervisors in China.

II. Features

It supports FFT spectrum display, analog mobile radio receiver analysis and digital mobile radio receiver analysis, and is the world’s first digital mobile radio receiver.

√  Software

·    Automatic protocol identification (DMR, dPMR)

·    Automatic vocoder identification (DVSI, Tsinghua, PLAUST)

·    Automatic frequency control

·    Single user tracing

√  Hardware

·    Support UHF/VHF, frequency band can be extended to 3GHz

·    IF input, IF output, digital mobile radio receiver protocol data output

·    Functions of figure signal demodulation and decoding can be extended

·    6.5-inch LCD

·    Contiguously work 3 hours per charging

III. Main Functions

√  Sweeping Mode

·    Panoramic sweeping

·    Fixed-point monitoring

√  Spectrum Display

·    Automatic frequency control

·    Automatic gain control

·    Peak searching

·    Marker

·    Multi-track display

√  Reception Display

·    Protocol analysis

·    Power measurement

·    Single tone tracking

·    Data decoding and voice decoding

·    FM demodulation and 4FSK demodulation

√  Files Recording and Playback

·    Store and playback of audio files

·    Memory audio files playback

·    Check message

·    Locating information of GPS/Beidou

√  System Management

·    LAN management

·    Time and date

·    Audio frequency settings

IV. Performance Indexes

V. Software Interface

VI. Organizations

The State Radio Monitoring Center Testing Center (www.srtc.org.cn)

RadioSky Testing Services (Beijing) Ltd. (www.radiosky.com.cn)