Laboratory Management Information System R2010 (LMIS-R2010)

●  Simple structure, easy portability and maintenance

●  Providing complete system solutions

●  Informatization, networking and intensification

I. System introduction

LIMS R2010 system is a set of automated information management platform for laboratories combining information technology and lab management. It provides complete system solutions for the scientific management and data maintenance of laboratories.

LIMS R2010 system is modularly designed and features simple structure and easy portability and maintenance. Compliant with ISO/IEC 17025, the system can offer comprehensive management and control for the control of daily business process, the management of quality system and the allocation of laboratory resources, effectively regulate and monitor the working process of the laboratory and enable laboratory management to develop towards informatization, networking and intensification.

II. Main functional modules

Information management, business resource management, business process management, file management, equipment management, customer information management, report management, quality management, statistic query and system management modules.