WAPI And Equipment Interoperability Testing

SRTC is the unique WLAN products China Compulsory Certification (CCCi) testing body specified by Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’ s Republic of China (CNCA), and currently have assisted China Information Security Certification Center to carry out WLAN products CCCi type test. WLAN products CCCi type test is composed of WAPI testing, EMC testing and Electrical Safety testing.

※ Range Of Services

Independent WLAN equipments

Integrated or embedded WLAN products

WAPI software products

※ Testing Facilities

2 sets of WAPI and equipment interoperability test systems

※ Testing Capability

GB 15629.11-2003;

GB 15629.11-2003/XG1-2006;

GB 15629.1101-2006

GB 15629.1102-2003

GB 15629.1104-2006

※ Business Scope

WLAN product CCCi certification type test

WAPI commissioned authenticity testing

Product R&D testing