Safety And Environmental Testing

SRTC can offer high quality mobile user terminals and WLAN products China Compulsory Certification (CCC / CCCi) testing, electric and electronic products environmental reliability testing and safety testing for customers.

※ Range Of Services

Mobile user terminal

Telecommunications terminal equipment

Information technology equipment

Audio, video and similar electronic equipment

WLAN equipment

Electric and electronic products

※ Testing Facilities

Safety laboratory, environmental laboratory, mechanical laboratory, combustion laboratory, battery laboratory

Approximately one hundred testing equipment and instrumentation

※ Testing Capability

GB 4943.1  GB 8898          IEC 60950-1

EN60950-1      IEC 60065  GB/T 2423.1    GB/T 2423.2    GB/T 2423.3    GB/T 2423.5    GB/T 2423.7      GB/T 2423.8    GB/T 2423.10  GB/T 2423.17  GB/T 2423.22

※ Business Scope

Mobile user terminals CCC testing

WLAN products CCCi testing

Electric and electronic products environmental reliability testing