Technology research and demonstration for the smart power gridsevaluation based on offshore wind power and Internet of Things (IOT)

This project is a national support program. For the IOTdevelopment of major application requirements and characteristics, in order to construct IOT evaluation system as the goal and the IOT system of applicability, compatibility, reliability, security and other features as the starting point, through analysis and refinement of IOT system implementation process, and with IOT system products, technology and engineering as evaluation object, to carry out the research on IOT system evaluation model and index system, to establish China’s IOT evaluation system, and to carry out pilotdemonstrationof IOT evaluation system. Relevant research results to promote China's IOT technology standards and certification work, forIOT standardization, industrialization and large-scale applications to provide a solid theoretical and practical support, and for China’snew generation of information technology wave development to lay a solid foundation.