On July 6, 2012, Certification and Accreditation Administration of People’s Republic of China (referred to as CNCA) announced the list of laboratory that engaged in the electronic information products’ pollution control voluntary certification with national unified implementation (referred to as China-RoHS), SRTC was granted recognition as one of the first batch of laboratories which can engage in China-RoHS testing services. According to the CNCA No.15 and No.16 announcement, The first batch of a total of 3 certification bodies and 20 laboratories were approved established, which could engage in certification / testing activities for the catalogue of all kinds of electronic information products, components, parts and components, machine, material in accordance with the requirements of China-RoHS implementation rules.

China-RoHS is a certificated activity that the enterprise applied voluntarily, the certification bodies certificated the electronic and information products was complied with the relevant pollution control standards and technical specifications, and then the state carried out and unified to standardize administration. Its purpose is to control and reduce the electrical and electronic products pollution in the total of 6 kinds of harmful substances Cd, Pb, Hg, Cr(6+), PBB and PBDE, so as to protect environment and human health and promote electronic information industry development sustainable and healthy.

The European Union has classified RoHS as the mandatory requirement for electrical and electronic products to enter European market, and will incorporate RoHS into CE compulsory certification system in January 2013. While in China, according to the implementation guideline of the electronic information products’ pollution control voluntary certification with national unified implementation, which announced by CNCA and Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on May 18, 2010, all products access to voluntary certification may enjoy the state preferential procurement and financial sector encouraging and supporting policies as well as other benefits.