CCC Testing

The State Radio_monitoring_center Testing Center (SRTC) has been accredited by the Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’ s Republic of China (CNCA), and is the unique state-level quality inspection institution in the field of radio that has the testing qualification of CCC for audio and video equipment, information technology equipment and telecommunications terminal equipment.

※ Range Of Services

Audio and video equipment

Information technology equipment

Telecommunications terminal equipment

※ Testing Facilities

10m semi-anechoic chamber, 5m fully-anechoic chamber and 5 shielding rooms

Full sets of conductive and radiated emissions EMI testing system

Full sets of conductive and radiated immunity EMS testing system

Near one hundred advanced testing equipment and instrumentation in the electrical safety laboratories

※ Testing Capabilities

Electrical safety standards: GB 4943.1, GB 8898, IEC 60950, IEC 60065, EN60950-1, etc.

Electromagnetic compatibility standards: GB 9254, GB 22450.1, GB 19484.1, YD / T 1592.1, YD / T 1595.1, YD / T 1597.1, YD/T 2583.14, etc.

※ Scope of services

CCC certification testing for audio and video equipment

CCC certification testing for information technology equipment

CCC certification testing for telecommunications terminal equipment