Radio Equipment RF Testing

SRTC has comprehensive radio equipment RF testing laboratories with enormous experience in radio equipment management and testing field. Its testing capability almost covers all kinds of radio communication equipment RF testing.

※ Range Of Services

Mobile communication equipment (e.g. 2G/2.5G/3G/3.9G base station, mobile station and repeater, etc.)

Specialized communication equipment (e.g. TETRA, cordless telephone, Video Transmission System, satellite earth station, etc.)

Wireless access equipment (e.g. WLAN, 3.5GHz wireless access, LMDS, PHS/DECT, FM/AM transceiver, microwave, Bluetooth etc.)

Radio broadcasting and television equipment (e.g. FM/AM broadcast, television transmitter, MMDS )

Radar and navigation equipment

Short Range Device (SRD) (e.g. vehicles remote control device, wireless MIC, remote control toys, walkie-talkie, RFID equipments, Vehicle Radar, etc.)

※ Testing Facilities

17 shielding rooms

Decades of RF Test Systems

※ Testing Capability

Chinese national standards and industrial standards for all kinds of radio equipment

Instructions of R&TTE Directive, Article 3.2 essential requirements

FCC Part 15, Part 22, Part 24, Part 27, Part 90, Part 95 etc.

※ Business Scope

China radio transmission equipment type approval testing

CE certification testing FCC certification testing

Product RF R&D testing