EMC Testing

SRTC has first-class EMC testing laboratories in the world, which can support the testing of all basic EMC parameters.

※ Range Of Services

Radio equipment

Telecommunication equipment

Information technology equipment

Industrial, Scientific, Medical equipment

Electrical lighting equipment

Household appliances, electric tools equipment

※ Testing Facilities

A 10m semi-anechoic chamber

A 5m fully-anechoic chamber

A 3m fully-anechoic chamber

5 shielding rooms

OTA chamber

The full set of conductive and radiated emissions EMI test system

The full set of conductive and radiated immunity EMS test system

※ Testing Capability

Basic EMC standards

Radio equipment EMC standards (e.g. CISPR 22, FCC Part15, Part22, Part 24)

Telecommunication equipment/Information technology equipment EMC standards (e.g. EN 55022, EN 55024)

Industrial, Scientific, Medical equipment EMC standards (e.g. EN 55011, FCC Part 18)

※ Business Scope

China Compulsory Certification (CCC) testing

CE certification testing

FCC certification testing

EMC R&D testing

IC certification testing

VDE testing