The State Radio monitoring center Testing Center successfully completed the activity of helping the impoverished people with old clothes

From December 2020 to February 2021, the SRTC cooperated with Shaanxi Charity Association to complete the "a warmth, a warm feeling" old clothes donation to help the impoverished people under the contact of National Poverty Alleviation Network. This activity is organized by the Youth League general branch of SRTC, called on all the staff of SRTC to actively participate in the action, but also implement the concept of " Practicing Thrift and Opposing Waste".

Picture 1  Activity site

During the 14-day action, 530 pieces of clothing were donated, including 438 pieces for adults and 92 pieces for children, a record number of clothes were donated. The staff of the Youth League general branch of SRTC have classified, counted, sorted, packaged and send out the donated clothes.

Picture 2  Donation of old clothes

Picture 3  The staff were arranging the clothes

In February 2021, the SRTC received a letter of acceptance from Shaanxi Charity Association. After sorting and sterilization, a total of 508 pieces of clothing donation were matched. The donated clothes have been delivered to the Charity Association of Yulin City and Shangluo City respectively, and all of them have been distributed to the impoverished people in the area. The clothes donation activity has come to a successful end.

Picture 4  Receipt letter of the old clothes from Shaanxi

The Shaanxi Charity Association’s staff and the impoverished people

"A warmth, a warm feeling", Through this donation activities, all staff of SRTC already deeply established thrifty, helpful spirit in their minds,enhanced the sense of social responsibility, and continued to implement the life concept of "Practicing Thrift and Opposing Waste".