The Strategic Cooperation Laboratory set up by SRTC and Terminal Company of China Mobile was officially unveiled

On October 20th, the unveiling ceremony of strategic cooperation laboratory set up by China Mobile Communication Group Terminal Co. LTD (the Terminal Co. LTD) and State Radio Monitoring Center (SRMC) Testing Center (SRTC) was held at China Radio Product Testing Building in Beijing. The Director of SRMC Zhang Shu, the Director of Terminal Co. LTD Bo Jingang and Vice General Manager Wang Hengjiang, the Director of SRTC Wang Junfeng and relevant leaders attended the unveiling ceremony together.

Bo Jingang highly regarded the important role of the SRMC as the national radio management technology agency, and expressed gratitude to the SRTC for providing various testing services and technical supports to the Terminal Co. LTD in the past two years. He said, the Terminal Co. LTD and SRTC make innovations in key technology fields, with 5G wireless communication as the core, give full play to the advantages of complementary capabilities and resources to drive the upgrading of industrial services, combined with each other's business expertise in the field of wireless communication, successfully promote the optimal allocation of resources to establish a reasonable benefit-sharing mechanism, and lay a solid foundation for further deepening cooperation.

Zhang Shu reviewed the good cooperation history between the SRMC and Terminal Co. LTD since 2011, and said that the SRMC will fully support the SRTC and Terminal Co. LTD's strategic cooperation, as well as the establishment of a long-term communication mechanism. He suggested that both-side continue to explore new business models with the goal of win-win cooperation, comprehensively promote the resource-sharing development strategy, enhance the innovation ability and market competitiveness of the both-side in the business field, and create a new situation of coordinated development.

The establishment of the Strategic Cooperation Laboratory means that two sides will continue to strengthen comprehensive cooperation in various fields such as domestic and foreign testing and certification, operator warehousing testing, and industry joint assessment, promote and improve the framework synergy level, optimize the existing business modules and certification testing capabilities, and achieve a new leap in strategic development. In the future, the SRTC will continue to provide professional and high-quality services for the Terminal Co. LTD around the strategic cooperation framework. By integrating resources of upstream and downstream industry chain, the center will actively expand cooperation boundaries and serve vertical industries of both sides.