Director General's Statement

In the last three decades, radio testing industry has grown in strength with fast development and widespread use of the wireless technologies. Over the inheritance and development of generations, radio testing work grew out of nothing and developed from mysterious to widespread, from weak to relatively strong. We witnessed and participated in the overall process, and were quite proud of our contributions to the development and utilization of spectrum, upgrade and update of technology, rapid development of industry.

To conform to the national innovation trend, SRTC began to run as a separate company in April, 2009. According to the business development strategy of ‘horizontal various-orientation, vertical extension’, a diversified business structure involved industries of electron, information, environmental protection based on radio technology field has formed basically. We actively carry out services such as scientific research, standard setting and product research to extend the industry chain, while constantly improving the one-stop service ability of testing and identification at home and abroad.

Thanks to the trust of partners and the love of customers, SRTC’s service scope, core competence, brand effect and comprehensive strength have developed rapidly, through a series of measures such as structural reform, technological innovation, expanding qualification and service optimization.

For the future, we will continue to inherit the spirit of predecessors, promote core competence and service level and transmit trust in society, create value for customers and set a platform for our staffs, to become a diversified internationalized platform of public technology service and industry innovation which integrating testing, identification, design, consultation, research and development together.

Director General of SRTC
Wang Junfeng