The State Radio_monitoring_center Testing Center(SRTC)

The State Radio_monitoring_center Testing Center (SRTC) has always guided the industry forward, made innovation and strenuous efforts all the way, and engraved new milestones one after another in the process of development so as to pilot the future of information and create the dreams of wireless.

SRTC, an independent institution as legal person subordinate to the State Radio Monitoring Center (also the State Radio Spectrum Management Center), specializes in various work in the field of radio technology such as testing and certification, R&D of products, standardization of scientific research and supporting services for the government.

SRTC is the sole state-level quality inspection institution in the field of testing and certification, and has been authorized as the State Radio Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center by the Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China. It has established testing labs in Beijing and Shenzhen, covering an area of 30,000 square meters with over 100 mu of land reserved for future development. SRTC possesses over 240 employers and total assets of 800 million yuan including more than 3,000 test devices and systems. We get more than 30 certifications awarded by authorities in China and the other countries, and our testing data have received recognition by over 100 countries and areas in the world. SRTC could offer governmental certification including type approval, CCC, China RoHS, BeiDou Navigation, EU CE, US FCC, Canadian IC and Japanese TCM as well as certification and testing services of industrial alliances such as GCF & PTCRB, CCF, Bluetooth organization, Wi-Fi Alliance, CTIA and VDE. We provide the industry with domestic and international one-stop testing and certification services, and help enterprises to let their products quickly and efficiently enter the global market.

As the state-level institution, SRTC takes advantage of its technology and has undertaken over 30 major national scientific research projects in the area of radio technology and 100 piece of research on standardization, covering the fields of cutting-edge wireless technology including broadband mobile communication, wireless specialized communication, short-haul communication, wireless sensor, BeiDou Navigation and the CBTC system of subway. SRTC’s achievements in scientific research have won 6 technology awards at the state, provincial and ministerial levels, and the number of its patents and software copyright has respectively exceeded 40. Additionally, SRTC develops strategic emerging services such as the research and development of testing instruments, integration of testing systems, industry informatization and solutions of testing laboratories via collaborative innovation in the standards of scientific research and the R&D of products.

Actively executing its core functions and social responsibilities, SRTC has fulfilled the tasks of technical regulation for wireless facilities in major events including the military parade to celebrate WW2 victory on September 3, 2015, Olympic Games and the 60th anniversary of the National Day and the radio technology supporting works such as assessment for the national CBTC subway interference testing and the appraisal of pseudo base stations, and thus received favorable comments from related departments as well as the society.

Under the care and guidance of related agencies including the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the State Radio Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, SRTC has got rapid development in business scale, core competence, brand influences and comprehensive strength via a series of reforms such as structural reforms, technological innovation, qualification extension and business optimization in recent years. Looking forwards the future, SRTC will establish itself in the wireless industry and strive to be a multiplex, international and collectivized technological institution  in testing and certification with innovation capability.